#ENDSARS: NHRC receives panel reports from 16 out of 29 states


By Aluta News

Oct. 31, 2023

The National human rights Commission (NHRC) has received reports from 16 states out of 29 on the #ENDSARS panels.

The Executive Secretary of NHRC Mr Anthony Ojukwu, SAN said this in Abuja at an event to mark three years of #ENDSARS and submission of report on the protest by Enough is Enough (EIE), a non governmental organisation.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the panels were set up to investigate violations of human rights by the defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and other police units.

NAN reports further that the panel was set up by the Federal Government in Nov. 2020 under former vice president, prof Yemi Osinbajo following the “ENDSARS Protest” which was triggered by nationwide allegations of Police brutality.

NAN reports that 29 states set up panels at the state levels and FCT which was an Independent panel  set up by NHRC.

Speaking at the event, Ojukwu commended EIE on their efforts at coming up with a review of the #ENDSARS protest and report.

He recalled that compensation of over N530 million was given to victims or families of the victims as a healing process.

” It is a very important step taken by EIE which is to commemorate the 2020 #ENDSARS protest. It is one of the efforts to keep #ENDSARS alive.

” About 29 states set up state panels and NHRC automatically was made a member, a panel was also set up in Abuja as an independent Investigation panel by the Commission.

” Today, EIE has taken a giant step towards compiling this report. The effort gears towards police reforms and I urge the states who have not submitted their reports to do so.

” 16 states have submitted their reports and when the remaining states do same the Commission will do the comprehensive review and report” he said.

Speaking also, Mr Chino Obiagwu, SAN, the panel counsel during the Abuja sitting, said many lessons are there to take from the #ENDSARS protest.

” There are petitions which was over 6,000 mainly from the poor, calling out for justice, who later suppressed or withdraw their petitions for fear of reprisal attacks from the police.

” There were no lessons from the #ENDSARS protest, the Nigeria police have been emboldened, because they are not called to order .

” It made the citizens to loose the essence of the protest and none of the police indicted was prosecuted” he said.

He said inquiries should be hold into human rights abuses by the police and all the indicted officers should be punished.

” Speaking of judgment debts against the government, the money should be taken from the budget of the department that cause the problem that attracted such debts so that the people involved can feel the liability.

” There should be a revamp of the syllabus in police training schools.

” The police service Commission, the inspector general of police and NHRC should engage the officers frequently with training on best practices ” he said.

Similarly, Mr Samson Itodo, Yiaga Africa called for an apology from the states to the victims of police brutality and the people.

” States should apologise to the wounded and the offended.

” The streets are the platform where people come out to protest but they are afraid to come out because they are not protected.

” Justice is not just paying compensation but goes beyond that, ” he said.

The highlight of the event was the digital presentation of the report covered by Enough is Enough.

The report was presented by Ms Yemi Adamolekun, executive director of EIE.


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