PROPHECY : “The US dollar would be less than ten naira -Prophet Oluwamodede



PROPHECY : “The US dollar would be less than ten naira -Prophet Oluwamodede

By Aluta News
October 24, 2023

The General Overseer of the Prayer City Church of God(PCCG), during one of the church monthly prayer meeting at their Lagos branch in Abule-Egba on the 16th of September 2023 prophesied and prayed earnestly for great economic restoration of Nigeria.

Prophet Samson Oluwamodede, began his prophecy by first saying, people should desist from talking bad about this present Federal Government led by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

In his words, the Man of God said, “let nobody talk bad about this present administration either curse or insult the President.

Things are so bad, that it can even get more difficult but very soon it would get better, because we should know things surely would be this way due to the fact that, the rot in the Nigeria system has been happening over three decades back and the wholesome changes can’t just happen overnight, it would take time for things to gradually get back to normalcy”.

Prophet Samson Oluwamodede prophesied on the re-strenghtening of the naira.

On talking about the re-strenghtening of the naira, the Prophet said, “the naira would be repaired and the abandoned naira coins would be restored as a legal tender in the country again for economic activities and there is a likelihood, the one thousand naira would no longer exist”.

“The US dollar would be less than ten naira, no one would be getting thousands of naira as salary again.

They’ll so re-strenghten the naira to the level it was years back, were one can build house with less than a thousand naira.

But some people want to destroy this nation especially the old politican.
They are planning military takeover of the country but it wouldn’t happen”.

He further said, ”this current President is still even better in communicating with the people about the issues at hand and what he is trying to do, to help get things back to a reasonable path for the people, unlike the immediate past President who has a very poor communicating skill, to relate with the citizenries about things that is going on”.

Prophet Oluwamodede, continued his prophesying by talking about the current President as one in the mould of John The Baptist.”He is here to set the right pathway for Nigeria’s progress but the real liberator is still coming”.

He continued by saying, ”those that sold their house before leaving Nigeria would be willing to come back home”.

The reputable Minister of God also talked about how foreigners would find it so difficult to get Nigeria visa when things gets back to normalcy and said he’ll remind the congregations when this starts manifesting.

In addition, Prophet Samson Oluwamodede was cocksure that foreign investors would troup into Nigeria in their large numbers to invest in the country.

Economic upliftment for Lagos State, massive improvements and building of great public infrastructures, that would make it more a cynosure of eyes for other states in the nation is also part of the prophecy the General Overseer of PCCG enumerated on.

He also, see a huge seaport bigger than Apapa port to be built in Ondo State, which would also boost the economy of the state as well.

The revered Man of God also used the opportunity to advice people with landed properties not to sell it out anyhow but try as much has possible to keep hold of it because of the great economic value it would hold when Nigeria start witnessing great and massive economic turnaround.

Prophet Oluwamodede ended his prophesying on the economic turnaround for Nigeria saying, “I’m not a politician neither I’m a friend to any politician because politicians most times don’t talk truth which my personality so detest.

But in my duty as a citizen of this nation and has a spiritual leader, I need to support this present Federal government and President Bola Ahmed Tinubu with my prayers, who want great things for his country of birth. And also, continually promote a good
cause to help restore the economic buoyancy of the nation”.

Prophet Samson Oluwamodede urged the citizens of the nation to pray for the Nation and that God grant the President good health and for him to live long to help stare Nigeria back to the path of economic progress.

He concluded the prophecy by praying for the nation, the President of the country Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu(GCFR) and the entire citizen of the nation.

By Kehinde Awujoola.
Media Aide

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