Demand full implementation of EndSARS panel reports: Commission tells CSOs


Demand full implementation of EndSARS panel reports: Commission tells CSOs
By Aluta News

The Executive Secretary of National Human Right Commission, Chief Anthony Ojukwu has urged civil society and faith base organisations to demand the full implementation of EndSARS panel reports.

Ojukwu made the call at a launch of a publication titled “Improving Human Promotion in Nigeria” by Misereor Dialogue and Partnership Service in Abuja on Tuesday.

Misereor Dialogue and Partnership Service is an agency of the Catholic Bishops of Germany with a mandate to support human rights advancement.

Ojukwu said that beyond the compensation paid to victims of EndSARS and police brutality, there were recommendations to further punish offenders that had not been implemented.

“We enjoin everybody to ask the authorities what is happening to those recommendations of the EndSARS panel, Nigerians need answers.

“Unless you do that, you are not laying the foundation of stopping police brutality; if those who have done it and have gone brought a process of indictment and nothing is being done.

“Yes you have paid compensations and that has a swayed some of the victims, but the justice is not complete yet, because those who have perpetrated those injustices need to pay according to the law.

“That is the way to discourage further violation of human rights,” he said.

The executive secretary said that the commission does not have powers of enforcement saying that it can only make reports to the appropriate quarters for necessary action.

Ojokwu commended Misereor for the publication saying that it will further empower turnover 900 members of staff of the commission in doing their jobs with updated information.

He urged all stakeholders to engage and speak out on human rights issues saying that the fight for a just and equitable society was not a tea party.

In her remarks, the Head of Misereor Dialogue and Partnership Service, Ms Julia Krojer, said CSOs in Nigeria play a crucial role in advocating human rights and promoting social justice in the country.

She said Nigeria faces numerous challenges, including issues related to freedom of expression, press freedom and gender equality.

According to her, the CSOs have been at the forefront of addressing these issues and advocating positive change.

“This publication, Improving Human Rights Promotion in Nigeria, (Volume 2) is a practical guide for persons and groups engaged in human rights activism in Nigeria.

“It highlights the connections between human rights, conflict resolution, and decongestion of custodial and correctional facilities in Nigeria.

“The publication makes meaningful contributions to the promotion, defense, and protection of human rights, particularly among the people at the grassroots who often encounter human rights violations.

“While Volume 1 was published in 2021 and gives detailed explanations of the relevant laws and conventions related to human rights, the volume offers a new perspective by providing further clarifications on the significance of evidence-based human rights advocacy.

“This is why the book places a strong emphasis on activities such as monitoring, reporting, research, and documentation,” she said.

She said both publications, affirm the determined engagement of Misereor and her partner organisations to help to promote the eradication of the cancer of human rights violations in Nigeria.

The President of Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Mr Yakubu Maikyau congratulated Misereor for the publication and its contribution to the protection of human rights.

Represented by the Second Vice President of NBA, Mr Clement Chukwuemeka, Maikyau said they the accomplishment deserves recognition as it addresses issues on human right protection.

He said that United Nations in 1945 ushered a new template on respect for human right and the Misereor had sustained it through its publications.

Maikyau said that chapter four of the Constitution speaks clearly to human rights saying that the problem is not lack of laws but lack of good leadership across boards.

He said that the law does not allow security agencies to take statements from suspects without the presence of a legal officer.

According to him, some times even when you go to the station, they will drive you away as a legal practitioner.

“Misereor and partners have provided an invaluable resource for individuals, organistions and communities thriving to a positive impact in the field of human right.

“Your Manuel serves as a guide, offering practical insight and best practices for promoting and protecting human rights in Nigeria.

“It has oo trim to empower readers with necessary tools to effect change in communities where human right abuse are predominantly in high rate.

“We are confident that this readers guide will be an asset for activists, educators, policy makers and all those who are passionate about human rights advancement in Nigeria,” he said.

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