Benue Govt plans skills training for students


Benue Govt plans skills training for students

By Bridget Ikyado

Rev. Frederick Ikyaan, the Commissioner for Education and Knowledge Management in Benue, says the state government will raise the standard of schools in the state and offer skills training to add value to the society.

The commissioner told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Makurdi that the government would also streamline private schools to operate within set standards.

“Our concern will be to introduce standards into existing schools, whether public or private, so that they become a thing of attraction to parents and students.”

Ikyaan said the government would deploy innovations to the education sector, in line with the emerging realities.

“The world is evolving, dynamic, not static; we need to become abreast of the new evolutions in the education system so our children don’t just memorise.

“We can bring in our innovation just like the Chinese study in their language and concept and are able to come out in the limelight and compete favourably in the world.

“We need to restore the dignity of humanity by reviving education and its standards.

“A student should now seek knowledge beyond certificate, to the point of acquiring skills to address the challenges of humanity in the present generation and even beyond.”

On private schools and those operating illegally, the commissioner said he would meet with the proprietors to discuss government plans and how to add value to the society through qualitative education.

“Since the proprietors have the desire to add value to the society, my desire is to redirect them on what to do to make the schools operate legally, attain global standards and meet the needs of the society.

“At times it may be that some difficulties in the laws surrounding the establishment of a school makes some proprietors unable to meet standards.

“They need to be redirected on what to do; this will make such schools operate in line with global best practices and meet the needs of society.

“We need to legalise the illegal schools; government should be able to assist, especially people with clear vision on improving society and adding value to the learning environment,” Ikyaan said. (NAN)

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