BREAKING NEWS : Terrorist, Dogo Gide Declared Himself As Governor of Niger State

Dogo Gide

BREAKING NEWS : Terrorist, Dogo Gide Declared Himself As Governor of Niger State

By Aluta News
August 25, 2023

The famous terrorist Dogo Gide has given himself the position of Governor with the promise of providing security and welfare to any nation that submits to his government.

So far, about eight villages in Shriroro local government of Niger state have reportedly surrendered to the bandit leader Dogo Gide, where they have decided to obey and pay allegiance to his terrorist group.

A media platform reported that it has been two weeks since the Bandgar group led by Dogo Gide took responsibility for shooting down a military helicopter in a village in Kusasu in Shriroro local government.

The villages that are suspected to have pledged allegiance to Gide and his group include Kusasu, Kwaki, Chukuba, Gulana, Apai, Nakuna, Yanka, and Kurebe, where this has become an obligation for them because the leader of the bandits continues to run his activities without facing any threat during the past years.

According to Daily Sun, more than 1,000 residents of these villages last week donated food to congratulate the gunman for shooting down the helicopter, and to show that they submit to his leadership, which they now call with the position of Governor.

Sources said that the people decided to accept Gide as their leader, despite the killing of soldiers and the shooting of the plane by the bandits, the Nigerian government did not take any major action against the bandits.

According to the source, the only option for the villages is to surrender to the group “because it seems that there is nothing anyone can do about the situation.

“While compiling this report, the community appointed Dogo Gide as their chief in these villages. At the moment, they are calling him their Governor because since the eight years that the Gunmen have been in the area killing people, no state governor or any other political leader has visited them.

“These people have abandoned their leaders, and they believe that no one can save them from the hands of these bandits and restore peace in these communities. That is why they said that they should not be blamed for obeying and paying allegiance to the gunman because that is the only way they will have peace and start their farming business,” said the source.

According to a source in Nakuna area, a Mr. Yohanna, who was arrested by some special hunters working in their area, on suspicion of being an informer for the bandits, has now been appointed as an intermediary. the bandits and his community, while in Apai village, the community trusts a man known as Alhaji to be the intermediary between the bandits and his community.

Meanwhile, the bandits who are loyal to Dogo Gide and members of the Boko Haram group have divided the areas where they will attack between them to prevent another conflict.

The demarcation of the areas by these terrorists comes a few months after the last fierce battle between the two groups, which resulted in the loss of many lives on both sides in February this year.

The new boundary adjustment by the two groups shows that Boko Haram will now operate in Hudawa and Kurebe areas, while the bandit leader Dogo Gide and his group will continue to control the communities between Kurebe and Iburo.

If it can be remembered last year when he kidnapped the students of the Federal Government College in Birnin Yauri in Kebbi State, Dogo Gide boasted of declaring himself as the current Government and appointed himself as the Governor.

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