Cleric tasks Nigerians to develop positive attitude to nation building


Cleric tasks Nigerians to develop positive attitude to nation building

By Bridget Ikyado

Rev. Babatunde Idowu, the Overseer of FourSquare Gospel Church, Wuse District in Abuja, has tasked Nigerians to develop positive attitude to nation building for the country to attain greatness.

Idowu made the call in an interview with newsmen on Sunday in Abuja on the sideline of the 10th Convocation of the church.

He said that the leaders and followers needed the grace of God and a change of heart to forge ahead, so that Nigeria would become great.

The cleric admonished Nigerians to always be truthful in their actions, saying that hiding the truth because of political and religious biases will only lead to retrogression.

“Refusing to jointly acknowledge and condemn what is wrong because of political and or ethnic inclinations must change to build the desired Nigeria.

“It does not really matter the political party, it is the human beings that matters; you will discover that those ruling us some crossed from one political party to another, but the human being remains the same.

“That is why the Bible says the heart of a man is desperately wicked who can know it? The issue is let us all have, by the grace of God, a changed heart.

“Everyone in this country should have a changed heart, a heart the loves God, a heart that loves the people and you will discover that some of these things that are hard will be softened,” he said.

Idowu said that the church has been praying and advising leaders and followers as part of its contribution to nation building.

“The issue is, do they listen, do the people listen? It is an advise and you either take it or reject it.”

The cleric said there was need to look away from the past and focus on the greater things ahead, adding that the country has a great future.

Idowu said that when Nigerians with a changed heart manage national resources very well, the country will be the envy of the world.

The cleric urged all Nigerians suffering the bitter economic hardship to look up to God and ask for direction.

He commended President Bola Tinubu for the effort to rejig Nigeria’s economy, saying that there is still more to be done.

He tasked the president to select people who know their job and can advise him on the right thing.

Earlier, Chairman of the 10th Convocation Planning Committee, Deacon Samson Olorunda said that the ceremony was to appreciate God for bringing the district this far.

“We are asking members to refocus, to be more refined and refired for the task ahead of bringing those in darkness into the light of God,” he said.

He said that Nigeria is a God-believing nation and a lot of prayers had been said asking God to intervene in the affairs of the country.

He said that though the situation is rough, God will intervene by touching the heart of men in the country to ensure peace and do what is pleasant to Him.

Also, Pastor Stella Eniola said that women should try to be like Deborah in the Bible, prayerfully supporting the men and the nation.

“We should prayerfully position our children because they will take over from us and to do better than we have done.

“We should live a life of good example because the children are watching; we are the books they read and God will help us not to fail them.

“Women must be practical, we must be proactive and prayerful and support all that needs to be supported, and economically we must not sit at the back.

“Work hard so that your husband will stand at the gate; the Bible says the men were celebrated at the gate because there were women backing them at home,” she said.

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