Guber polls: Kogi elders raise alarm over rising insecurity


Guber polls: Kogi elders raise alarm over rising insecurity

By Aluta News

Kogi East Elders Forum (KEEF) has called on the Federal Government to pay attention to the growing insecurity in the state ahead of November 11, governorship election.

A member of the forum, Amb. Ali Ocheni made the call at a news conference organised by the forum in Abuja on Tuesday.

Ocheni said that the harassment of citizens by sponsored thugs, security agents and other means and by whoever must stop forthwith.

He said that campaign offices and bill boards were being vanlised while properties of perceived oppositions were being destroyed.

According to him, a hotel belonging to late Mr Kabiru Bala (aka Okwo) was razed down and few weeks later, he was killed extra judicially for changing political camp.

He said that during the operations carried out by state agents, an innocent woman, Mrs Atima Abdullahi was murdered in cold blood.

“We call on the Federal authorities to pay attention to the goings on in Kogi because any breakdown of law and order in Kogi will not augur well for Nigeria.

“For the purpose of reminder, Kogi shares boundaries with 10 states and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. It has the highest number of boundaries with other federating units in Nigeria.

“Kogi is the southern gateway to the Federal Capital Territory. No one wants to imagine the chaos a breakdown of law and order in this state will have on the nation as a whole.

“We call on the Federal Government to ensure a level playing field for all contestants in the forthcoming election through the appropriate mechanisms,” he said.

The forum demanded the immediate replacement of the Kogi State INEC Commissioner and his Administrative Secretary.

The elders also demanded the immediate removal of the current Commissioner of Police and the Director, State Security Service in the state.

The forum alleged that the officials who are to be neutral and protect the citizens had been compromised.

The forum called for the investigation and removal of a certain “Navy Commander Akalezi” who has allegedly pitched tents with a political camp and abusing his office.

The elders said that petitions had been submitted to all relevant government offices demanding for quick action to rescue Kogi.