FIFA lift suspension of Zimbabwe’s football federation


By Aluta News

July 11, 2023

Football’s ruling body FIFA on Tuesday said it has lifted the suspension of Zimbabwe’s national federation ZIFA.

It as also installed a normalisation committee to ensure that FIFA statutes are followed there.

The news came ahead of Thursday’s African qualifying draw for the 2026 World Cup.

FIFA had suspended ZIFA in 2021 after the government had disbanded the ZIFA leadership in connection with allegations of embezzlement of state funds and not having investigated several cases of sexual harassment committed by football officials.

Under FIFA rules, government interference in football matters is prohibited and sanctioned.

The normalization committee is to run the daily affairs of ZIFA and restructure its administration and review statutes, organize elections of a new ZIFA board and establish an agreement with the nation’s sports ministry to define each side’s role.

Zimbabwe sports minister Kirsty Coventry named the suspension period tough and costly but that it will help football in the country.