Subsidy Removal: Benue governor gets first national assignment


Subsidy Removal: Benue governor gets first national assignment

By Bridget Ikyado

Benue State Governor,Rev Fr Hyacinth Alia has been appointed to lead a committee tasked with implementing measures to mitigate the effects of subsidy removal.

The appointment came In light of the deliberations on the subsidy removal policy and its impact on the Nigerian economy.

The decision was reached during the National Economic Council (NEC) meeting held at the Presidential Villa on Thursday, where the governors of the 36 states gathered to discuss various strategies to reflate the economy and support the citizens.

One of the key recommendations put forward during the meeting was the proposal by the Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress, suggesting a bail-out fund of N702 billion to be allocated for salary adjustments in the form of fuel allowances.

The governors recognized the importance of directing this financial support towards workers and the most vulnerable segments of society, aiming to alleviate the impact of the subsidy removal on their livelihoods.

To ensure the smooth implementation of these measures, a committee has been established, with Governor Alia appointed as its Chairman.

Other governors included in the committee are the Anambra Governor representing the South East geopolitical zone, the Benue Governor, representing the North Central region, the Kaduna Governor representing the Northwest, and the Cross River Governor representing the South South. The Southwest will be represented by the Oyo State Governor.

The committee will be responsible for developing comprehensive modalities and guidelines for the distribution and utilization of the proposed funds, ensuring that they reach the intended beneficiaries effectively.

With Governor Alia at the helm, it is expected that the committee will work diligently to address the challenges posed by the subsidy removal and provide timely assistance to those in need.