Fmr DG Alia /Ode 2023 facilitates with Benue Nass members inaugurated


Fmr DG Alia /Ode 2023 facilitates with Benue Nass members inaugurated

By Bridget Ikyado

Rev Frederick Lanshima Ikyaan PhD
Former Director General Alia/Ode 2023 has facilitated with all Benue National Assembly members on their inauguration.

The message read:Dearly beloved Senators/Honorable Members HoR from Benue State, congratulations on Your Inauguration and a Call for Unity and Cooperation.

I write this letter with great pleasure and a sense of optimism as you embark on this honorable journey of representing the good people of Benue State as distinguished members of the Senate/House of Representatives at Abuja.

As the outgone Director General for the All Progressives Congress (APC) campaigns in Benue State, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you on your inauguration.

The recent political dispensation has shown a significant shift in favor of the APC in Benue State and Nigeria, with remarkable successes at the state assembly, national assembly, gubernatorial and presidential levels.

This is a testament to the faith and trust that the people of Benue State have placed in you as their representatives, as well as a reflection of their aspirations for positive change and development.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that you work together, across party lines, to foster unity, peace, and synergy among yourselves.

The people have entrusted you with their hopes and dreams, and it is your responsibility to deliver the best possible achievements for the state.

This can only be accomplished through collaboration and cooperation with one another, as well as with the State Governor His Excellency Rev Fr Dr Hyacinth Iormem Alia and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation His Excellency, Distinguished Sen Dr George Akume (CON).

Your collective success relies on your ability to set aside sentimental differences and prioritize the common good of the people. You must work tirelessly to bridge divides, promote inclusivity, and ensure that the aspirations and needs of every Benue State citizen are represented and addressed.

It is through unity and harmonious cooperation that you can overcome challenges, promote progress, and bring about positive change in our beloved state.

As you assume your roles and responsibilities, I urge you to embrace the principles of accountability, transparency, and integrity.

I encourage you to serve as exemplary leaders, upholding the highest standards of governance and representing the interests of your constituents with utmost dedication. By doing so, you can restore the faith of the people in your political institutions and build a better future for Benue State.

I am confident that with your experience, leadership, and commitment to public service, you will make invaluable contributions to the development of our state. I look forward to witnessing the positive impact you will undoubtedly make.

Once again, congratulations on your inauguration, and may your tenure be marked by significant achievements and lasting progress for the people of Benue State.