Coalition of CSOs demand inclusion of women in presiding officers


Coalition of CSOs demand inclusion of women in presiding officers

Aluta News

Abuja, June 1, 2023 A coalition of 20 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) has urged members-elect of the 10th Assembly not to shun women in the election of presiding officers of the National Assembly.

The coalition, at a news conference in Abuja on Thursday also demanded that women should occupy principal offices and should have “Grade A” committees to chair.

The Coordinator, Gender Technical Unit (GTU) Ms Eqy Anazonwu said that the coalition are demanding that a woman be elected as Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives at least.

“At least two women should be elected as main Principal officer in the House of Representatives.

“Women from both chambers should be appointed to chair Grade A committees and more resources be allocated to pursue an equal society,” she said.

Anazonwu said that it is vital for legislatures to reflect the rich tapestry of their constituents by consciously repositioning the few elected women.

She said that the legislature can benefit from a wide range of perspectives and experiences, leading to better decision-making, fairer policies, and a stronger democracy.

Also, the Converner of Womenifesto, Dr Abiola Akinyode said that women leadership had made a difference in Rwanda,Uganda, Ethopia and can make he desired difference in Nigeria.

According to her, they are educated and very qualified women who are ranking in the incoming 10th Assembly to be presiding officers.

She said that women are often not given grade A committees to chair saying that the appropriation and public account of the country needed a woman’s eye.

“Nigeria has gotten to a critical stage that we need people that are credible, that have integrity and can take positions that can define our economy space.

“That is why we are suing those so called grade A committees, they should fill them up with women,” she said.

She said that women constituted 44 per cent of voters and 50 per cent of Nigeria’s population and must be given a chance as a matter of right.

Akinyode, however, said that though the coalition had lobbied major stakeholders, it was still open to further negotiations. (NAN)