2023: Don’t vote for tribe, vote for character – Obi


By Aluta News

Jan. 15, 2023

Mr Peter Obi, Presidential Candidate of Labour Party (LP) in the February election, has called on the electorate not to vote for tribe but look out for for character.

Obi said this on Saturday in Akure at the town hall meeting to seek the support of the people of Ondo State in the February 25 election.

The LP presidential candidate explained that he and his running mate, Sen Ahmed Datti were people with traceable background, saying if elected as president, Nigerians would be proud of their country and secured.

Obi, who said that he was stingy but not corrupt, added that was why he could save for the people of Anambra state as a governor.

“They said that I’m stingy, we want stingy people now so that we can keep the money. We want to make sure we use your money to transform the country.

“Don’t vote for tribe, if they say it is their turn, tell them it is your turn to take back the country. We are ready to save the country.

“This election is about character. You know our background, the school we went, we don’t know to their age,” he said.

Obi explained that the country was not secured and people were living in suffering and hunger, adding that he would recruit more policemen and military and insure them so that they could lay their lives for the country.

Obi promised to support small businesses, saying that no Nigerian would leave his or her community because of insecurity. We guarantee you that insecurity will stop.

“We want to change Nigeria for better. We want to move Nigeria from consumption to production.

“We don’t want people to run out of Nigeria again. We want to restructure Nigeria for development. We want to build a better Nigeria, so go out and support us.

“We want to fight corruption. We will make sure that we have electricity. The whole South of Ondo State has not seen electricity for several years, how can there be development?.

“Pick your PVCs and vote for Labour Party and make sure that they count the vote. I am the only Governor that left good money,” Obi said.