Religious leader tasks civil servants, youths on diligence, service to nation




By Emmanuella Onah /Bridget Ikyado

A religious leader, Mr Paul Aliyu, has urged civil servants to shun all corrupt tendencies and work diligently in the service of humanity and the country.

Aliyu who is the Chaplain of the Redemption Chapel of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) made this appeal in an interview on Tuesday in Abuja.

He said that public servants have a share in the success or failure of any administration, because of their role as the engine room of any government.

“For the public servant, I think that they should know they have a great responsibility to themselves, generations yet unborn and to this country.

“You have to make sure you are delivering the results you are supposed to deliver for the attainment of the collective goal,” Aliyu said.

The chaplain added there must be focus, trust in God, consistency and diligence in the work people do at every level in life, in order to succeed.

He said all children of God must reflect Jesus in their character and action by displaying humility, sincerity, integrity and honesty in all they do.

“As Christians we are quite expected to live as Christ because a true Christian has a rebirth in Christ and thus you possess the nature and character of God.

”At our work place now as children of God, we are supposed to exhibit that character and the nature of God”.

He added that as children of God, they must also live with the truth at all times.

”When a Christian speaks it should be trusted, it should be reliable, it should be dependable.

“You see the scripture said, look unto Jesus the author and finisher, because he is the perfect example”.

He explained that Jesus was an embodiment of humility and meekness.

“So as Christians, we are expected to live a Christ like life at work, bringing that his nature and character to our work place”.

He added that those attributes should be part of who we are at all times, not just at the work place.

The chaplain cautioned youths against electoral violence as the country prepares for the general elections.

“I want the youth to live with fear of God in everything they do and they should recognize God in their lives.

“They should avoid anything that will cause sorrow either to their neighbours or friends.

” Anything that will bring crises the youths should try as much as possible to avoid; that cannot be possible without the fear of God.’’

Aliyu also advised the youths not to give in to frustrations and disappointments, but strive to chart a better future for themselves.

”They should shun drug addiction, any form of electoral malpractices and should not fall to the antics of politicians or sell their conscience because of the morsel of bread of today that will affect their lives for years,” he added.