I’ll focus on moral development of women, youths – 1st woman Bishop




By Margaret Tyam

Rev. Nkechi Nwosu, the first female Bishop of the Methodist Church Nigeria, says she will focus on helping women and youths to imbibe moral values that will advance the development of the church and society.

The Bishop, who has been posted to Jos Diocese, on Monday said that her target was to bring about positive changes in the society.

“I will embark on serious evangelism concentrating more on women, as they are the home managers, who play vital roles in the society and the nation.

“We will preach peace, focus on self sustainability which curb societal ills.

“I will ensure women seminars talk on how to sustain the family; women need to be strengthened, prayed for and cared for.

“They need to be remembered, they should have virtues such as endurance, be peaceful, kind, forgiving heart and prayerful. These are values children should emulate from mothers.”

She promised to keep close watch on the youths and facilitate more programmes for their development.

“The youths need to be guided, they need to be led, monitored, supported and prayed for.

“They need empowerment for self-reliance, so as to shun social vices for peace and national development.

“Children and the vulnerable, the widows will be drawn closer to God for sustainability and the church will assist with the little we have,” Nwosu said.

She pledged to improve on the programmes of the Church and initiate more positive self developing and empowerment activities.

“I am so excited because I have been in the ministry since the year 1994.

“I started as a Deaconess, then proceeded to become the first minister in training, after that I became the first Deaconess and now the first female Bishop of the Methodist Church Nigeria.

“I am not afraid to venture into God’s work and be elevated to such a level, because God is with me.

“ Being a woman I can only say thank you God, it’s by His grace, it’s not by my power, it’s not that I am more anointed than others.

“I believe that God who started with me, fulfilled His word that when He starts a thing, He does not stop halfway, He brings it to a perfect end,” she added.

The Bishop said that she trusted that God will give her the grace to carry the extra responsibility that ”He has given to me even as a woman.”

Nwosu studied Theology and was a professional microbiologist and health technology lecturer at the University of Jos, before she left everything to serve God.