Northern Youth Leaders Threatens APC, Adopt Consensus Nominee For VP Candidacy or Risk Political Backlash


Dr Ibrahim Dauda VP Nominee

Northern Youth Leaders Threatens APC, Urges Adoption of Consensus Nominee for VP Candidacy or Risk Political Backlash

By Aluta News
July 05, 2022

27 groups under the aegis of Coalition of Northern Youth Leaders (CNYL) on Tuesday, has threatened the All Progressive Congress (APC) to adopt the youth consensus nominee for the vice presidential candidacy or risk political backlash

CNYL said that their demands for youth inclusion in governance this time around will be none negotiable.

Addressing journalist in Abuja at the end of their stakeholders meeting hosted by the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN)

The CNYL President, Mallam Suleiman Musa and Secretary General, Yahaya Abubakar threatens to mobilize all the 27 affiliate members of the group against the APC if their demands for consensus youth nominees for the Vice presidential candidacy is not considered

According to them, 27 organised youth bodies affiliated to the NYCN has kept faith with the APC led administration and supported its policies to the chagrin of the opposition and traducers of the government. In the course of this partnership,

we in the organised youth bodies bonded with the party and expected their reciprocity, especially in line with the continuous promise of President Muhammadu Buhari that leadership will be stepped down to the youth and that youth inclusion in governance will be non-negotiable. the group stated

We know that this promise will not be automatic and the youth have continued to work hard and position themselves in the hope that there will be a negotiated starting point. The group explained

The explained that other political parties conduct their affairs without regard to youth input, the organised youth group activated its alignment and political partnership with the APC and consequently demanded for the Presidential ticket. But their formidable leader, His Excellency Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu clinched the ticket democratically and transparently.

We accept that outcome wholeheartedly and congratulate him once again.
However, the youth demand that the Vice Presidential ticket should go to a young person, not more than 50 years, CNYL said

The group has forwarded the name of Dr. Ibrahim Bello Dauda (El Dabi) for consideration and adoption by the APC.

The group described Dr. Dauda’s capacity, readiness and credentials are impeccable, there are no issues as to his capabilities and qualification. hoping that the APC will yield to the youth demand.

The however alleged that some interests who feel it should have been them are bent on jettisoning the youth partnership with the APC

CNYL warns that it will be politically catastrophic as many youths and youth groups may be forced to throw their support elsewhere if APC ignores their demands