2023 : Jagaba is The Best For Southern Kaduna-Group


2023: ‘We Don’t Hate Others, Jagaba Is The Best For Southern Kaduna’

By Aluta News

March 07, 2022

Over 300 beneficiaries of Jagaba Adams Jagaba’s Federal Government
influenced jobs at the Weekend, united in Kafanchan, saying that they
don’t hate other contestants, but insisted that Kaduna South
Senatorial District should unanimously ensure the three term House of
Representatives member get to the Senate in 2023.

The over 300 people mostly youths who said they are not politicians,
added that if Jagaba Adams Jagaba can spread employment opportunities
to the eight local governments that made up Kaduna South Senatorial
District when he represented Kachia/Kagarko Federal Constituency in
the House of Representatives added that many lives will be touched in
the entire Southern Kaduna and beyond if he becomes a Senator.

They called on their parents, politicians and the youths to see the
reason for what they are doing and support Jagaba for Kaduna Senator
in 2023.

Speaking, one of the coordinators of the group, Jerry Gandi who said
Jagaba has given over 300 of them from Kaduna South Senatorial
District life, said they will work hard to ensure that he is given the
opportunity in 2023 to enable him to touch more lives.

“We are not politicians and we don’t intend to go into politics now.
We are sons and daughters of Southern Kaduna.

“Our interest is Southern Kaduna and we are coming from different
local governments. Our interest is development, empowerment, welfare,
wellbeing and security of the people.

“For us to get all these things I’ve mentioned, people who govern us
are the ones to determine this. 2023 is coming. If you have somebody
that will legislate well, lobby well, partner well and provide
opportunities like Jagaba, all these things will be achieved.

“Jagaba is someone who has shown he has the interest of the people at
heart. He is somebody that has given us life, hope and name.

“We were somewhere without names but Jagaba brought us together. Some
of us don’t know him. Our names were brought to his table and he
helped to ensure we get jobs.

“Some people work for him to be at the House of representatives. Over
300 of us got jobs. Now is the time for us to tell the people of
Southern Kaduna the truth. Now is the time for us to support his
aspiration for a bigger office so that other people will benefit,”
Gandi said.

According to him, “As beneficiaries, we want all the people of
Southern Kaduna to support Jagaba so that as many of us have
benefited, the younger ones should also benefit.

“He is going for a higher office, the Senate. If as a House of
Representatives member he touched the lives of many people, if as a
Rep member he performed the duty of a Senator, if we take him there as
a Senator, he will do more and expand beyond Southern Kaduna.

“Jagaba will be a small governor for us. Jagaba will be the president
close to us. If he did it for people he doesn’t know, he needs to be
supported to do more. Not only in employment, Jagaba did alot in the
agricultural sector. He empowered a lot of people,” Gandi added.

Meanwhile, a former Librarian of Federal College of Education Okene,
Kogi State, Takai Abagai who narrated how Jagaba took him as a baby
and work hard to ensure he got an appointment he served for 10 years,
said he never knew Jagaba until he played a good part in stopping
Obasanjo’s third term.

“He attracted many people to himself not only in Southern Kaduna,”
Abagai said adding that even though they don’t hate other aspirants,
said Jagaba is the only person that can protect all interest groups
and carry everyone along.

Abagai who was the Chairman of the occasion, said he is a proud
beneficiary of Jagaba good work in Southern Kaduna.

“We are not here because we hate other people that are contesting. But
we only know someone who have touched many lives and that person is
Jagaba Adams Jagaba. Everyone in Kaduna South Senatorial District
should support Jagaba.

“As human being, God wants us to show appreciation. No father wants
his child to be lazy. Jagaba has taken the lead. He is someone who
don’t care where you come from. As I speak with you, I don’t even know
Jagaba’s real village because I see him as the face of Southern

“I am not from the same LGA with him. I am from Zangon Kataf Local
Government. I am free to talk about Jagaba because I am no more a
civil servant. I spent 10 years as a college librarian because Jagaba
made it possible.

“We believed that Jagaba will not missed this. By the grace of God, he
will be at the red chamber because he has the qualities and merited

“So, we are here with other sons and daughters of Southern Kaduna that
are working as civil servants today because of Jagaba. For me, I am a
politician but we have many young men and women here who are not and
they have benefited from Jagaba,” Abagai said.

Speaking, Hon Jagaba Adams Jagaba who visited the venue of the
Programme to say “thank you” to the Southern Kaduna youths, said he is
overwhelmed by the show of love.

“I am excited by the show of love from these people that recognized me
as someone who have impacted their lives.

“This will spur me to do more. My determination has always been to
uplift the youths especially those in my Constituency, Southern Kaduna
and Kaduna State.

“I am only doing what I was convinced I should do and today, I am
happy with the result. Since you are supporting my aspiration, I want
to assure the people of Southern Kaduna that their votes for me won’t
be a wasted vote.

“I will work hard to ensure that more lives are touch not only by our
legislative work, but many will be empowered. I need the support and
prayers of everyone in Southern Kaduna. I am assuring them that what
we’ve done is replicated. Every community will feel our impact. Your
vote for me won’t be a wasted vote,” Jagaba added.