DSK @57 : Banquet For Quintessential Aristocrat


DSK @57: Banquet For A Quintessential Aristocrat

By Macaulay Hunohashi

March 05, 2022

March 3rd, 2022, would remain indelible in the minds of family members, relatives, friends, political associates and well-wishers of chief David Sabo Kente, for a very long time, as it was the day they all converged to be treated to an exotic banquet to commemorate his birthday.

The venue was the prestigious Frazier Suites, located in the heart of the Central Business Distric of the federal capital city of Africa’s most populous nation.

Although the epoch-making event was brief, it was embroidered with all the trappings and tapestry of nobility that are usually preserved for deserving aristocrats.

Devoid of speeches and time-wasting fanfare, there was enough to eat and drink as guests, that cut across all political devides, were treated to the most exotic of buffet, with a bouquet of a cross-cultural menu that wavered between our familiar African cuisine and continental dishes.

The celebrant, chief David Sabo Kente, who is providentialy imbued with the bluest blue blood of the Kwarrarafa kingdom, was regal in an intricately-embroidered white flowing gown with a permanent perch of a delicate smile on his face. He would advance regally with the feline suppleness of movement which had given him a reputation for grace far exceeding that of any man or woman in the banquet hall, shake hands, exchange pleasantries, throw banters and pose for photographs; all devoid of any hint of hubris.

The roll-call of special guests include Gen A T Ibrahim (rtd), Gen Ishaya Bauka (rtd), Amb George Manzo, former Head of Service of the federation, Danladi Kifasi, Barr Damian Dodo(SAN), chief Ezekiel Afukuyon, Bobboi Kaigama, Sen Joel Ikenya, chief Ishaku Tikon and members of the D 20 club, as well as management and staff of North East Development Commission.

Many of them interviewed ,but with a craving for anonymity, described chief David Sabo Kente, who is well known with the subriquet of DSK, as “a man of impeccable character, high moral values, highly cerebral, politically sagacious and very astute in business”.

They were unanimous that DSK possesses an unequalled pedigree of successes which can be attested to by the vision he brings to bear in any of the assignments he handles, including his present position of chairman of North East Development Commission Education Endawment Fund-NEDCEEF.

They noted that chief David Sabo Kente holds the magic wand that can bring Taraba state out of her present state of desrepair, which also gives them the confidence that he would emerge victorious at the governorship election of 2023.