End Fuel Crisis or Face Mass Protest, CSO Gives NNPC 7 Days

Mele Kyari, GMD of NNPC

Fuel Scarcity: We will make PMB see need for change of Baton in NNPC if….

By Bridget Tyam

March 04, 2022

A Pressure group has resolved to give Mr Mele Kolo- Kyari,the Group Managing Director/CEO,
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation(NNPC) Limited, a seven day ultimatum for fuel queue to disappear nationwide.

This is contained in a letter to the NNPC M.D by Comrade Olumuyiwa Onlede,
Executive Director ,Awareness Against Corruption and Social Vices Initiative .


Onkede said if the fuel queue failed to disappears nationwide we will be left with no option than to make the president see reasons why he must “wield the big stick by relieving you of your appointment “.

He said that would give way for a more business oriented person to take over the affairs of NNPC Limited as Group Managing Director.

“For us in the initiative we do not believe in your capacity or capability to change the current crisis situation .

” We will mobilise Nigerians in towns and even villages across the country to demand a change of guard in NNPC.

He said because the NNPC Boss has failed in his promise to alleviate the sufferings of Nigerians,.

He said the time for us to awaken the consciousness of Nigerians to do the needful by bringing to the notice of the President your managerial incapability to lead NNPC limited.

The group recalled that for close to two months now Nigerians are being taken aback to the era of military dictatorship where the most productive hours of their day is spent in filling stations just in a bid to get fuel for their vehicles.

“According to you, the crisis was created due to importation of adulterated fuel into the country by some marketers which they denied.

” But as far as we are concerned NNPC limited is the major stakeholder in the energy chain.

“Whatever argument being pushed forward by you does not hold water as it is obvious that some actions and inactions of NNPC .

” Limited is ultimately the reason and why bad fuel found its way into the country under your nose and someone must take responsibility.

” Our conclusion due to the sampled opinion of Nigerians is that NNPC limited is complicit.

“On the 16th of February 2022, you appeared before the House of Representatives Committee on Petroleum .

“As the head of the company you gave an assurance that the long queues will varnish within a week, but three weeks down the line the situation is no better.

“So therefore you must take responsibility of all the actions and intentional act of sabotage in the petrol supply chain both in the NNPC limited and her vendors, haven caused Nigerians pains,” the group stated.

They said Nigerians have had damages to their vehicles without plan of compensation from any quarter even the aviation sector is not spared by the scarcity.

” Our investigation in all 36 states of the federation and the FCT revealed that about 40% of security vehicles especially that of the police are at every point in time queuing in the few filling stations dispensing fuel .

“They were thereby unable to perform their duty due to unavailability of fuel. This scenario drastically increased the rate of small crimes by 20% nationwide.

” This is as a result of negligence on the part of NNPC limited that failed to think outside the box by making special arrangement for security vehicles to get fuel without waste of time in NNPC retail outlets nationwide.

The geouo reminded the.NNPC MD that his principal, President Muhammadu Buhari will not for you or any other reason change his love for the masses.

“We all know that his immediate constituency is the masses, the poor and the vulnerable whom he promised to alleviate their suffering when elected.

” Today most appointee of the President have caused more enmity between the President and the said masses,

“Even the President at a fora was forced to lament that so many trusted appointees and allies have disappointed him beyond imagination.

They said according to UN charter, the Civil Society has the right to demand for due process, improved performance and good governance from public office holders .

They stated that if those demand will translate to the betterment of the life of the people and that is what democracy is all about.

NNPC Limited is a new company that is evolving and so it is not in the best interest of the company and Nigeria to start on this note.

“This is why we will leave no stone unturned in appealing to sensibility of traditional institutions and Nigerians as a whole to support our mission to see a total overhaul of NNPC Limited .

“Sk as to position the company for optimum performance.

“We do not believe that the crop of old hands that we have in the company right now can deliver the desired change as envisaged by the President and Nigerians”,the group said.