Youth Leader Accuses Wike of Insensitivity To Southern Kaduna Peoples Plight, He’s Overrated, Says Bagudu


Youth leader accuses Wike of insensitivity to Southern Kaduna people’s plight, He’s Overrated, Says Bagudu

By Gambo Jagindi

February 10, 2022

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Youth Leader of Southern Kaduna State, Bagudu Joseph, has accused Rivers Governor Nyesom Wike of being insensitive to the plight of Southern Kaduna people.

Joseph, who spoke to newsmen in kaduna on Thursday, criticised Wike’s recent visit to Kaduna where he failed to visit and identify with the southern kaduna people.

He described the governor as an overrated leader who demonstrated clearly lack of capacity as a National leader in the party

He said that PDP members, especially those from the southern region, were disappointed in Wike, who neither visited, nor addressed any issue concerning the region.

It will be recalled that Wike was on a visit to the state on Monday.

”One would have thought and expected that Wike, who is not just the governor of a state, but a statesman and a political leader in the PDP and the country, should spare time to identify and condole with the people of southern kaduna over the unabated killings that have taken a genocidal dimension,” Bagudu said.

According to him if not for the resilience, doggedness and dedication of the southern kaduna region to PDP, the party would have been dead and buried a long time ago.

”Southern Kaduna region holds the soul of the PDP in the state since 1999.

”Instead of Wike, as a national figure, to appreciate our efforts, he resorted to praising the PDP over its performance in the last local government elections in the state,which would not have happened if the party had been dead.

”We expected Gov Wike to visit southern kaduna as he did in Benue State, invite the political leaders for at least a meeting on the sidelines of his visit.

”Instead, it was just another political patronage to quotas that continuously feast on our political sweat and labour as a zone and a people in the PDP,” he said.

Bagudu said the people of the region, especially the youth, were setting the records straight in that regard.

”We are left with no option than to put the records straight out there that this narrative has to change.

”That we will no longer be held bound to these worn out paths of accepted successes, this generation of southern kaduna PDP members, supporters and faithful alike, will henceforth demand that our reward be directly proportional to our investment.

”Anything to the contrary will be challenged frontally. This is a clarion call on our political leaders across board to rise to the occasion.

He called on Wike to as a matter of urgency redeem his image before southern kaduna people, or they would conclude that he was actually overrated. –

”And for those PDP political so called heavy weights in kaduna State, it’s high time they checked what time it is, as it will no longer be business as usual,” Joseph declared.

Aluta News reports that the youth leader is one of the strongest voices from southern kaduna region.

He has held so many youth positions such as the National Youth Leader, Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPU) and National President, Southern kaduna Youth & Students Forum SKYSFOM, as well as the Vice President, National Youth Council Of Nigeria(NYCN), among others.