Extradition Hoax: No Prima Facie Case Is Established Against DCP Abba Kyari 



DCP Abba Kyari

By Dr Saidu Musa Saleh

February 08, 2022

Suspicion that Prima facie case was established is on breach of internal police duties rules not on criminal case or corruption.

AGF omitted that part that says “ Suspicion Of prima facie case is on breach of internal Police Duties. Such as

That Kyari tried to depended himself in Social media without IGP permission.

That Kyari started a case without following due process of approved Petition from the IGP is the point of departure.

These are not criminal offenses or corruption cases that was established as being banded on social media. These issues are always handled by the Police and Police Service Commission (PSC) not the court or extradition, because No Nigerian court will approve any extradition without establishing a criminal case against any individual.

And there is no any criminal or corruption  case that is established against Kyari after all investigations are concluded.

The final report from the AGF office is very clear, explicit, and undiluted on this.

Dr Saidu Musa Saleh,
A Public Affairs Analyst wrote in from Abuja