Engineer Sule Stimulating MSME,s Development

Engineer Abdullahi Sule

A A Sule Stimulating MSMEs developments


Adefolarin A Olamilekan

February 07, 2022

The role of Micro, Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in a developing nation’s like Nigeria cannot be overemphasis.
This is because when its comes to trickle down economic growth impacts on households.MSMEs are responsible for such through income generation,self employment sufficiency, wealth creation, empowerment, innovation, and family and indiduals prosperity.
And more specifically,government in third world are at present shifting focus on MSMEs development with several interventions and support programmes.
In Nigeria today at the subnational government levels.The worth of MSMEs is gaining serious attention.In modest,succeessive administration since 1999 has put several policy toward the stimulation of MSMEs development. Interestingly, the target is to further economic development across the state.
However, Nasarawa State as a sub national government has been given support programmes for MSMEs. But in recent time time,with the Engr A A Sule taking MSMEs development beyond just mere paper support to practical planning, regulations and policy formulation implementation.
Critically,the Nasarawa State Government rightly recognizes the strategic role of Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as pivotal toward the state socio-economic development and growth.
For us we discovered through the state compass of development thrust- Nasarawa State Economic Development Strategy (NEDS).The NEDS document, consequently,give credence to the development of MSMEs.
As a government priorities driven through concrete policy initiation that would create and foster positive business environment.
In this regard,the A A Sule Administration has made vital interventions in improving the level of MSMEs contribution in the State.
Especially having consciously conceived new vision
of transforming Nasarawa state into one of Nigerians 21st-century economy destination.
In getting this done,the state government funding of technical and non-technical entrepreneurial skills across the state ring bell.
Also the administration key policy target toward access to financial services,tax harmonization, support for agric-prenuers and retail bussinesss chains in the State.
To make this aspect seemless,His Excellency established Nasarawa State Investment Agency(NSIA) as the base station to galvanised investment and business ideation properly suited for the state economy.
And true to it mandate,the NSIA in recent time signed investment packages that would see to the establishment of Nasarawa Technology Village,Peninsular Housing Estate and Recreation and Retail outlet in the state,just to mention a few of such landmark projects.
The NSIA is position to strategically harness the potential in the state to attract investors both local and foreign.
Meanwhile, Organized Private Sector (OPS) in Nigeria are already recognizing the state, most especially the agricultural sector big players like Olam Plc and Dangote Groups.
In furtherance to this objective,the AA Sule administration having understand the imperative of business friendly environment ceaselessly pursued infrastructural development across the Thirteen Local Government Councils with rebuilding and remodeling of markets and motor parks in the state.
In addition to this was the implementation of reforms in the critical sectors, including public service institutions,agencies and importantly the judiciary .Similarly, the massive infrastructural upgrade and development of,electricity power, road network across the State to ensure significant movement of traders,goods and passengers.
When critically viewed, the AA Sule administration investment in infrastructures and promotion of MSMEs is a logical one.
For a state that is centrally located and much closer to the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.
Succintly, the increasing numbers of MSMEs players is huge.And one can be tempted to regard the state has having the largest concentration of MSMEs in North Central Nigeria.
We acknowledge Governor Sule support for development of MSMEs is, with out any doubt.
As a strategy to diversify the state economy and improve IGR.
The MSMEs as a multiplier effects with positive socio-economic impacts on the people. This is fundamental in terms of wealth creation and redistribution .
Our concerns however in going forward. First,as a drive to increase economic activities in the State, the AA Sule administration must assured entrepreneurs of the government’s commitment towards improving the business environment to make it more attractive as investors’ destination .
Becuase, policy implementation, regulations and projects must be steadily carried out by action.
Secondly,we are suggesting to the government to incorporate a forum where the governor and other top government functionaries meet with the business community to receive feedback on Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) activity in the state.
Thirdly,the establishment of Nasarawa state Entrepreneurs Hub taking cognizant of various sub- areas such,fashion,Printing, Boutique, Cratering, ICT sales and services, Hair and Barbing, cottage industries- soap making,shampoo,cream is germane.
The Enterprenuers HUB should be designed for the public to use for a stipend especially for those who cannot afford to own their own machines and let shops from landlords.This is to managed by season business experts alongside public official from NSIA.
Lasly,we call on our dear governor to see the need to resucitate the Nasarawa State Bag and Packaging Company and revertalize the Nasarawa State Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association.
This will be in a bid to promote locally made products in the state and assist in the development and promotion of export product-oriented.
In addition to aid industries in the State to pursue and obtain necessary export incentives; collection and dissemination of information on products that are available for export and others.
Therefore, there must be concerted efforts on the part of governments at all levels (local government inclusive),indigens and residents to focus on strengthening MSMEs in Nasarawa State.
Nonetheless, as the state prepared for it maiden edition of Nasarawa State Investment summit 2022 later this year,the platform should be a rally to synergize more leeway for MSMEs alongside big corporations.


Adefolarin A Olamilekan is a Political Economist and Development Researcher write in from Luvu,Masaka Karu LGA Nasarawa State