Abba Kyari : Fake News, Fake News



Fake News, Fake News.

By Barr JOSEPH B Donald

February 05, 2022

Nigerians Disregard Fake and False news about DCP Abba Kyari, Police Service commission, Attorney General of federation and Nigeria Police Circulated by Peoples Gazette, Sahara Reporters, Punch news and other media Houses and bloggers sponsored by some Enemies of Nigeria.

Police Service commission letter says, from all the investigations done and Facts that have emerged, Abba Kyari have not been found to have committed any criminal offense that will warrant Court trial hence they still needed more evidence and more investigations from the police in the next 2 weeks to Prove their case or else their Criminal case against Abba kyari cannot hold.

Thorough investigations were conducted, All bank accounts were checked and No any dime was linked to Abba Kyari directly or indirectly. All persons related to the case and others related to persons related to this case were invited and investigated but still no one dime was linked to Kyari. Many say insiders felt the Police panel over investigated the case to get evidence against Kyari but still Kyari was not found wanting for any criminal case or receiving one dime from anybody but Some infractions relating to internal police duties like starting a case without Approved Pettion from IGP, Attempting to depend himself in Social media without IGP Approval.

The person who received the Viral Media celebrated 8million Naira have testified before the Police Panel and gave statement that exonerated Abba Kyari completely. He stated that He Personally Discussed, Sent his account details and collected the Sums of 5million on 4/4/2020 and 3million on 9/4/2020 for buying of some Goods for one Morgan based in Dubai without Abba Kyari’s knowledge. He further stated that 6 weeks later on the 20/5/2020 After having disagreements with Morgan, Morgan reported him to Abba Kyari through Hushpuppi since Morgan don’t have Abba Kyari’s phone number that time and he sent their transaction slip of 5m and 3m to Abba Kyari through Hushpuppi as evidence of his case against the account holder. The account owner said he had transactions with Morgan and not Hushpuppi and that the money in question celebrated by the media belongs to Morgan not Hushpuppi. He stated further before the panel that he was surprised the way FBI and the Media were desperately trying to link his transaction with Morgan to Abba Kyari, He also argued that how can this money sent to him by Morgan for buying Goods for Morgan on 4/4/2020 and reported to Abba Kyari on 20/5/2020 as a complaint against him be linked to an arrest Kyari Made 5 months earlier in January 2020? All the accounts of this person who received the 8million was checked and account statement obtained from the banks were the panel saw how he received the 8million Naira and Spent it within 1 week in April 2020, without giving One dime to Abba Kyari as shown by his bank account statement and his written statement before the panel. All the persons he had transactions with relating to the 8million Naira were invited and none of them have any link to Abba Kyari or have given a dime to Abba Kyari.

Also the promise Hushpuppi personally made on his own in January 2020 to reimburse the Police team that went to 4 states to arrest Vincent as indicated in his chats with Kyari, was investigated thoroughly and it was confirmed that not a Single dime was sent by Hushpuppi, bank account details obtained from Zenith bank and statement of the account owner written at the Panel of investigation was very clear that no one dime was sent by Hushpuppi as he promised on his own free will.

It’s pertinent to note That, everything that was released to the media are contents of Hushpuppi’s phone not Hushpuppi’s direct statement against Kyari. No any Evidence of Hushpuppi’s Direct confessions against Kyari was seen in the media or received by the Panel of Investigation.

The Arrest and investigation of Vincent Kelly was also done with a 4 weeks Court order issued by the court in Nigeria, Authorizing the Police team to detain and Investigate Vincent Kelly for over 20 internet crimes he confessed to have committed with Hushpuppi and with other syndicates in Malaysia, Cyprus and South Africa.

Kyari stated that All WhatsApp Chats released to the media are part of sting investigation to know more about Hushpuppi activities, his syndicate members and also lure him to Nigeria since the arrest of Vincent have exposed his criminal activities.

It was also discovered that Kyari knew Hushpuppi for a period of 9months, from September 2019 to June 2020 when he was arrested. Also No evidence of Kyari’s involvement in Hushpuppi’s crimes was discovered, No demand was ever made by Kyari, No any negotiation of any sort regarding money or any crime to be committed between Kyari and Hushpuppi. No one dime was ever received by Kyari from Hushpuppi as facts and investigations have shown and Proven clearly. Had it been FBI have contacted Nigeria they would have interViewed the account owner who received the 8million Naira to trace any link with Kyari or hear from Kyari who have assisted in Many cases of kidnappings and murders involving Americans in Nigeria for which kyari was even given letter of commendation by the FBI in 2018.

Hushpuppi wanted Kyari to jail Vincent using armed robbery charges for many years in jail as was seen in Hushpuppi’s chat with Kyari while Kyari was playing along with Hushpuppi to get more information about his activities and lure him to Nigeria without Hushpuppi suspecting that him and Vincent are under investigation. Kyari wisely granted Vincent bail on health ground against the wishes of Hushpuppi because Kyari insisted Vincent was sick. If kyari was to follow Hushpuppi’s wishes, or he doesn’t have conscience or is after Money, Vincent would have been treated for his minor sickness and charged for Armed robbery to court as Hushpuppi wanted in his WhatsApp chats with Kyari. That explains why Hushpuppi decided not to reimburse the Expenses of the Police team that arrested Vincent as he freely promised to do so earlier in January 2020 without any request of reimbursement from anybody and he was never reminded of it, for the remaining 6 months before he was arrested as everybody can see from all the WhatsApp chats that was released to the media.

Kyari was introduced to Hushpuppi in Dubai the same way many prominent Nigerian Politicians, Business men, Celebrities were introduced to Hushpuppi in Dubai because Hushpuppi who poses as real estate businessman and Model for advising designer clothes and bags, with lots of Social media followers always strives to be introduced to prominent Nigerians that visits Dubai. Pictures of him with those prominent Nigerians are all over the internet.

Kyari’s Legendary and Unprecedented Exploits in Nigeria Police that spans for about 2 decades has resulted to the arrest of thousands of deadly Criminals across the country, Some of these criminals are Rich and they have Family members, Syndicate members not yet Arrested and Lawyers, None of them is happy with Kyari and they can sponsor anything that will spoil Kyari’s Name. Also DCP Kyari being the most Decorated Police Officer in the History of Nigeria with 3 IGP Medals for courage 2012,2013,2014. Presidential Medal of Courage April 2016 and Awards for Outstanding Service to the Nation from the National Assembly June 2020 and Many many more, has made him to have Lots of Envious senior Colleagues in his Organisation. So Nigerians should not be surprised with all the Sponsored stuff that they see in the Media.

Pls Nigerians should disregard all these Sponsored fake news from Social media coming from purported “Inner Sources” and wait for official press release from Police Service commission or Nigeria Police.

GOD Bless Nigeria.

Barr JOSEPH B Donald Writes from Abuja.