Black seed oil can reduce effects of hard drugs on nervous system – Expert


By Aluta News

Jan. 28, 2022

A don, Prof. Moyosore Ajao, has said that Black seed oil has the potential to reduce effects of hard drugs on nervous system.

Ajao, while delivering the 214th inaugural lecture of University of Ilorin on Friday, listed such hard drugs as cannabis and datura stramodium (Gegemu).

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the inaugural lecture was entitled: “The Belly, the Brain and the Environmental Toxins: Balancing the Conflicts between Necessity and Cost.”

The don, of Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, College of Health Sciences of the university, observed that cannabis and datura stramodium could be found in communal weed spaces.

This, according to him, can make some people to abuse it.

Ajao lamented the damage, consumption and abuse of the two plants could cause to the brain, saying that it was disturbing.

“It is easy for anyone to conclude that the abuse of these plants is contributing to the growing moral decadence and increasing incidence of psychiatric and criminal-related disorders reported among youths,” he said.

Ajao, who noted that substance abuse was now inevitable in the society, however, said that black seed oil could be used as supplementary treatment, saying it might provide desirable therapeutic outcomes.

Similarly, the anatomist, with research in methods of embalming techniques, observed the need for the Federal Government to legislate and regulate on the practice of embalming services.

He also emphasised the need for constant and continuous education in embalming technique.

The don added that different processes were now being used when bodies were embalmed for dissection by medical students.

According to him, counselling is very important before students are allowed to have access to dead bodies.