Union Protest Alleged Fraud in FCT water Board



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March 03, 2020

Union Protest Alleged Fraud In FCT Water Board

The Amalgamated Union of Public Corporations, Civil Service Technical and Recreational Employees (AUPCTRE) today threatened to cut water supply in the nation’s capital if their general manager, Aliyu Nahuche is not sacked in the next three weeks.

The workers who staged a protest at the water board headquarters in Abuja over allegations of fraud, overstay in service and insensitivity to their welfare by Nahuche.

The workers, however, seem factionalised as a group stayed in the background with banners indicating support for Nahuche.

Some of the placards wielding by the workers read: “Water is life, with Nahuce in FCT water Board, there is a problem; Nahuce where is your file in FCT Water Board; Nahuce you are due for retirement, Nahuce you are Covid19 in FCT Water Board; Our welfare must be paramount; enough is enough; enough of the continuous silence; this impunity is too much; We demand to be treated as humans.’’

Speaking during the protest, the chairman of AUCPTRE in the FCT, Aliyu Maradu, said the union is in talks with FCTA authorities and is hoping that all their grievances will be looked into before the expiration of the ultimatum.

According to him, ‘’We are responsible union and a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, we understand due process and guided by the constitution of Nigeria. We are not here to foment trouble but to salvage Nigeria. We have been in negotiation with the board but the authorities have turned a blind eye to our plight.

‘’Nahuce is illegally occupying the office, his case is in court and opt to step aside and he is also due for retirement. We will not relent until the constitution of Nigeria is upheld in FCT Water board. We cannot watch and see a situation where a unilateral decision is continued to be made by one man.’’

The public relations officer of the Board, Segun Kayode, said the matter is in court and cannot be discussed.

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