Emir Sanusi last speech in the palace


By Gambo Jagindi

March 10, 2020

Emir Sanusi last speech in the palace

With almost six years on this throne and (in charge of) our heritage.
Today the Almighty Allah who gave me the leadership has destined to take it back.

As I always say leadership has predetermined tenure, the days Allah destined are numbered.
When the days come to an end one must leave.

We have accepted whatever Allah decides,
We have agreed
We appreciate Allah ( God)
We are happy and we know it is what is best for us

We enjoin everyone to remain peaceful
We have directed our family, our children and those that support us that whoever gets it and is endorsed by the people they should pay allegiance to him

They should follow him (the new emir)They should guard his honour and dignity because that is also the honour and dignity of this palace

It is a thing of pride that made us to rule and end in the same fashion as Halifa

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