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Trumpet media debuts to empower youth, tackle fake news- CEO


By Aluta News

Dec. 15, 2021

The Chief Executive Officer of The Trumpet Media, Mr Endurance Edafewotu, says the new media outfit will help rescue Nigeria from the dangers of fake news and its resultant effects on the overall well-being of the society.

Edafewotu said at the unveiling of the Trumpet Media on Wednesday in Abuja, that it would also focus on empowering the youths and lift them out of poverty.

”The Trumpet is a holistic news media that has Tabloid (Print copies), Online Newspaper, Radio and TV. Today we are unveiling the Tabloid and the online newspaper.

”We are opening ourselves to the reading public to critique our work.

“We want to have a news outfit that the reading public will relate to, trust, and depend on.

“We welcome all your opinion; no matter how critical it sounds, please bring it on.

”It is pertinent to inform you that The Trumpet is a Nigerian-based national news media, owned, trademarked, and operated by Elomaz Communications Limited with its headquarters in FCT, Abuja, and two regional offices at Lagos and Delta States respectively,” he said.

According to him, the establishment of The Trumpet was hinged on the need to provide a more balanced, factual, detailed, and unbiased news on politics, business, entertainment, sports.

Also on religion, technology, culture, climate change, and other emerging issues to millions of Nigerians both at home and in the Diaspora as well as the world at large

”It became expedient for The Trumpet, an undiluted truth and patriotic voice reporting media outfit to wade into rescuing the nation from the dangers caused by the widespread of fake news and its resultant effects on the overall well-being of the society, especially with the advent of social media.

”The Trumpet’s major target is to reach millions of readers around the globe through its website and other media platforms.

”The Trumpet already has robust and fast-growing social media presence. As at this moment, we have about 18,000 followers on our Facebook Page.

”The Trumpet reports the news unscathed because we are the patriotic voice with the distinct agenda of speaking the truth to the nation for its overall growth and development,” he said.

He added that The Trumpet’s vision was to be the leading online and tabloid news publishing and broadcasting company in Nigeria.

”Our mission is to be the voice of truth and the most reliable news media in Nigeria and beyond.

“It is, therefore, important to state that as a patriotic news media, our slogan is patriotic voice, speaking truth to the nation.

”As part of our efforts to empower the youths in the country, we provide a platform to train the youths to become professionals in the field of journalism.

“As this will aid them to report authentic news at all times, thereby disseminating fake news will be reduced to its barest minimum.

”It is significant to state that The Trumpet is out to join other well-meaning media houses in disseminating information to the people as well as projecting Nigeria and Africa in a positive light to the world.

“In fact, The Trumpet has as a deliberate policy, a Branding Department that world help in this regard, both for the country and corporate bodies,” he said.