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Group to train Nigerians on mind shift for sustainable economic development


By Bridget Ikyado

January 25, 2022

Group to train Nigerians on mind shift for sustainable economic development

Yanmo Online Coaching Academy (YOCA) on Tuesday said it would train Nigerians on positive mind shift to attain sustainable economic development, as there was need for citizens to work on their mind-set.

Ms Yanmo Adetula, Chief Executive Officer, YOCA, said this at a pre-Master class news conference in collaboration with The Albino Foundation in Abuja.

According Adetula,there is a limiting believe and a mindset that is keeping a lot of Nigerians held back for whatever reasons so it was imperative to build the capacity of Nigerians to align with developmental ideas.

“There is need for a master class aimed at demystify it and to shift everybody’s mind,this is because as you think so you are ,so if you do not think in the right way ,you are not going to produce the right results.

“Human beings make the economy ,so if the human beings minds are not right ,the economy cannot be changed at all so you need to have the right mindset for economies to be changed .

“Human beings make the nation, human beings make organisations ,it is what you put in the organisations that you get out and it starts with the mind.

“ So the master class will look at areas of identity, mindset, limiting believes ,confidence ,consistency, focus as well as vision and clarity.’’

Adetula said that the master class would be organised in collaboration with the Albino Foundation to aid in transforming the lives of many people who sit around not knowing what to do or how to go about it.

“The master class is scheduled to hold this Saturday Jan.29 2022 at 9.m. at the Wall Paper world Centre, and people can contact us at for the Amplified Master class .’’
Executive Director, The Albino Foundation, Jake Epelle thanked YOCA for the partnership and for extending kindness to persons with disabilities.

“It is a welcome development and we are grateful to YOCA for giving us slots ,the master class is about transformation and we hope Nigerians will leverage it.’’

Some of the experts who spoke to newsmen said that expressed optimism that the master class would go a long way to change the thought patterns of Nigerians to more productive ones.
An expert, Celina Unogwu ,Founder ,The Celina Unogwu Visioning Academy (CWA) said that master class would be a strategic time for individuals ,CEOs to plan for the year.

According to Unogwu ,planning is very key in everything but it is not very common in Nigeria for people to plan ,so the class would help in teaching people planning .

Another expert ,Chichi Iwnamadi ,Chief Executive Officer ,Americare Medical Distributors Ltd said that citizens could acquire a lot of knowledge but until they learned how to implement that knowledge it would simply be an entertainment.

According Iwnamadi ,one problem seen in Nigeria is that ,people want to earn a living but they don’t want to understand what it takes to go from point A to the result.
She therefore encouraged Nigerians to be open to information and strive to understand the concept involved in productivity.
Mrs Enya Epelle ,Master Class Convener and Mind Coach said that Nigeria is where it is today because a lot of people are not fully engaging their minds and their thoughts and living intentionally.

“If you look around you, you will notice that the outcome of a life is determined by the way we think and as a country, as families ,as individuals we are where we are because these factors seems to be missing .

“So in the master class, you are going to learn quite a lot of things ,it is a great opportunity to start this year so that we are not living our lives in the same pattern .’’