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Governor Sule Improving Business Environment Efficiency in Nasarawa State

Engineer Abdullahi Sule

By Adefolarin A. Olamilekan

January 23, 2022

Governor Sule Improving Business Environment Efficiency in Nasarawa State


Since the assumption of office in 2019.
His Excellency Engr. A A Sule the executive Governor of Nasarawa state. With the private sector experiences came prepared especially to remodeled business environment of the state.
Attesting to this is the economics road map of the state currently administered as a framework that take cognizant of every sectors.
Attempt by pervious governor’s was imperative to the today’s success the AA Sule administration easily achieved.
There targets to drive the state economy through Public Private Partnerships (PPP) remains a focal point in the Nasarawa State Economic Development Strategy (NEDS) central trust.
Nevertheless,back to the centrality of this week column opinion polemic on our dear state,which is improving business environments efficiency as galvanized by the Governor Sule and his team.
With hindsight into the general health of the Nigeria economy.
Much of the challenges subnational governments have to contends with is how to make there state conducive for businesses and potential investors, foreign or local.
And this situation exist even before the advent of convid-19 pandemic. So it is not that rosy to create that enabling environment, especially if one considered the enormous development needs at the subnational levels.
Although, we acknowledged the efforts of state governments over the years,though a lots of gaps exist for improvement to take place.
Now talking of gaps that exist at the subnational government levels of which the A A Sule administration in Nasarawa state in the last three years have been able timely closing its.
Interestingly, one vital key the Nasarawa state governments recognized as a gap is the decline in the numbers of investors coming to the state. To addresses this it government reached out to both local and foreign investors.
However,the government understand the practice essence of what investors always want. That is transparent, predictable, and consistent public policy.
To this end the government made bold of this by first been amongst state throughout the federations to enact the tax harmonization law for ease of tax collection’s. In addition,to this the government established the state own investment and business agency as the arrow head to drive economic opportunity and gateway stop shop to potential business ideations. For us this agency is holding the key to several economic possibility if the its keep to terms and conditions leading its establishment.
Further to above is the current government quest to improve and up lift the state of infrastructure in the state.
Starting with electricity power,roads,water,health facility and many more. There is great changes what is obtainable now in Nasarawa state than before. While this commendable to fostered business environments with needed amenities for logistics, powering there equipments and market for there goods and services.
Nothing in this regards from the state government perspective the important of all the infrastructure not just for indigenes and residents of the state alone, but for economic survival as well.
Notwithstanding, the challenges in term’s of acquiring landed property in the state has been digitalised to give prompting administration to investors.
The state own land survey and geographic agency in the last three is enjoying robust automated process to ensure quality services, as initiated by his Excellency.
Given the economic benefits of having an enabling and improving environment for businesses.
The AA Sule is reaping the fruit. Such is the 2021 Internally Generated Revenues(IGR) hitting N16billion mark for the state.
One cannot rule out the practical impacts all earlier discussed policy deployment to address gaps in environment of business of the state.
As this may have count as losses with attendant inefficiencies in the pass,
All that have change and new frontier of sustainable environment for businesses with critical reforms is employed.
Nonetheless, there is need to do more,and we are suggesting as a way forward.
First,the AA Sule must see that it offer service support solution aimed at addressing challenges of investors and entrepreneur’s establishment challenges across the thirteen local government in the state.
Secondly, for us equally, needed right now for government to see to continuation and consistency of all the policy so far,toward improvements in the state. We see the need for state own anti corruption agency.
The import of this is safeguarding the gains of development so far. And position the state of Nigeria’s destination subnational with Ease of ‘Doing Business’ environment
Moreso, to mitigate any form of official corruption perceptions.
Lastly,employments creation must still remain the core target of the government, across all sectors of the economy.
As this is what can reduce poverty in the state.


Adefolarin A Olamilekan
Political Economist and Development Researcher write in from Luvu Masaka, Karu LGA Nasarawa state.