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Free Dog Meat @ Gombe State 2021, Dog Eating Carnival


By Aluta News

December 08, 2021

Free Dog Meat @ Gombe State Dog Eating Carnival

A planning committee has been put in place to revive the old ignored carnival of Bai or Palam Tangle (Dog festival), by the Tangale people of Billiri Local Government Area of Gombe State.

The three-day carnival which celebrates the eating of dog meat in Tangale land will feature a public lecture for each of the days that the carnival will last.

A release made available to our correspondent by Jessy Mallums, The Mai Dukka of Tangale and Chairman, Central Planning Committee, and Dulyamba Alkeria Bagauda, Secretary, indicates that the ‘Bai’ Carnival/Palam Tangle, will take place in Billiri, Gombe State, from 26th through 28th of December, 2021.

According to the release, the Dog Festival is one of the traditional activities of the Tangale people that has been ignored for too long and have identified the growing gap in the Tangale culture of transmission to the younger generation, the Central Planning Committee put together activities to revive the festival.

It said, the festival is similar to what the Ngas people of Plateau state observe annually called ‘Pusdung’ and it’s a cultural festival that features a series of activities, merriment and knowledge impartation. “Ours will not be any different”, the release added.

The committee said, the Bai Carnival will contribute, in no small way, to social cohesion and a sense of pride in its Tangale heritage. “It will promote unity and tourism, boost our economy and also bring about employment opportunities in Tangale land”.

“As youths, we have taken it upon ourselves to keep the culture alive and revive some of the long-forgotten cultural activities, starting with this particular one”, it stressed.

The following is billed to take place during the three-day event; the first day will feature a public lecture titled THE TANGLE MAN AND HIS IDENTITY- along with this will be the slaughter/cooking of dog meat to be eaten free of charge.

Day two will feature a public lecture on JUSTICE AS A FOUNDATION FOR PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE- along with this, stakeholders of ‘lo bai’ (dog meat) will sell their meats to their new and old customers.

Day three will be for lectures on KAL KWI KA AMDO SHUM SHAN TONDOWEI (Unity, Love and Progress) – alongside is a continuation of sales of dog meat by the stakeholders. Also to feature on that day is an EXHIBITION of the material aspect of the Tangale culture and sales of art pieces that are indigenous to the Tangale Nation.

Blacksmiths, weavers, stone carvers, knitters, herbalists, among many others will display their wares in an exhibition.